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Music Users: These are the supporters of music, who like it new, fresh and with the wrapper still on it. The people who are unafraid to follow their hearts and ears to the root of new music.

NaijaMusicList is a music platform to encouraging the art and discipline of sound art and music production. Our primary focus is to find great artist while help them to build.

NaijaMusicList will always accept entries into the contest, your song will move into three stages.
When you submit a song, we will review it and select our 10 winners and 40 finalists the finalist will be network in all our platform and the 10 winners will move into stage two where the audience, friends, users and members can vote for the top 3 winners, voters can vote multiple times by waiting for every 3 hours, the top 3 winners will be selected from top vote and will be ask to produce a video of the song and judged through our network for the million draw.
Other drop participant will still have the chance of song promotion
NaijaMusicList always accept entries, stage one moves to stage two and stage one opens again immediately.

Original Song
Album ArtPersonal Picture, more then three
Submission fees

We acceptable audio formats include: MP3, WMA, M4A, WAV, AIF, AAC, MP2, MP4 audio, OGG, RA, MOV, XVid, AVI, or any commonly used audio or video format

And Image: JPEG and PNG only

“Lyric Only” formats include any common text or document file: DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, PDF, HTML, ODT, OTT or any commonly used document processor format. Additionally, lyrics can simply be typed out and emailed to us along with your order’s Reference Number. (Lyrics are only required with “Lyric Only” category submissions)

If you are a “Winner” or “Finalist” in the contest, we will send you a Distribution Agreement that you can sign. This is a short agreement allowing us to distribute your material to our resources. You are required to sign it. However, by signing it, you will have your material sent to labels, publishers and more. You will generally hear back in 1-2 months from the date the material is sent out if there is further interest in you or your material. Since our resources contact the writers “directly”, we are usually unaware of any interest you have received unless you let us know about it. Please keep us updated with any success stories you receive through the contest.

Important Notice: To become a winner you have to always participate in Naijamusiclist site by sharing and commenting,  Like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, share and invites your friends to vote.

Good Luck….

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Music Connects People.

Whether you are an Artist, a Music Lover or an Industry Player, NaijaMusicList is the perfect home for your sound.  Distribute your tracks for contest, discover new artists, collaborate internationally and challenge yourself. In the end, it’s all about music or Frequently Asked Questions