Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enter my songs?
NaijaMusicList is always accepting entries into the contest, stage one moves to stage two and stage one opens again.

When will the results be announced?
Any update time will be shown on the website, on when any “Stage Winner” results will be announced.

Do I lose ownership of my song?
No! NaijaMusicList will never ask nor expect any rights to your material. All entries will remain 100% property of the songwriter.

Are international entries accepted?
Yes! We accept entries from anywhere in the world.

Are lyrics required for audio entries?
If you are entering your song in the first stage the lyrics are “not” required only if you chooses to. The only reason we would need the lyrics included (along with an audio submission) would be if the lyrics on the recording can not be heard clearly. This could be due to the mix, effects, etc… If the lyrics to your audio entry can not be understood, then you can email them to us using the email address provided in your order’s confirmation email. Otherwise, all we will need is the audio version of the song.

What happens if I place in the contest?
Our resources have agreed to review the top 100 songs in the contest state for further consideration (the 10 winners and 40 finalists). If you are a “Winner” or “Finalist” in the contest, we will send you a Distribution Agreement that you can sign. This is a short agreement allowing us to distribute your material to our resources. You are required to sign it. However, by signing it, you will have your material sent to labels, publishers and more. You will generally hear back in 1-2 months from the date the material is sent out if there is further interest in you or your material. Since our resources contact the writers “directly”, we are usually unaware of any interest you have received unless you let us know about it. Please keep us updated with any success stories you receive through the contest.

What if I have a success story from NaijaMusicList?
If you have a Success Story from a NaijaMusicList resource, please contact us and give us the details. Since our resources contact the SomuchWorld Tech directly (not through NaijaMusicList) if there is further interest, there is a good chance we do not know about it. We would love to hear about any Success Stories acquired through the contest!

What if I have a poor recording?
Poor recordings do not affect your chances of winning the contest. As long as your songwriting ability can be discerned, you can enter a simple home or live recording. We have had many winners and finalists place in the contest over the years with simple vocal/piano or vocal/guitar home recordings. Production quality and vocal ability is NEVER taken into consideration when determining the winners. Only the actual “songwriting” is considered.

How long has the contest been going on?
NaijaMusicList has been a leading resource for songwriters for years.

Can I enter more then one song?

Yes! You are allowed to enter different songs. We have had songwriters who have placed as winners in two different states within the same contest. Each category submission is considered a separate submission so applicable submission fees would apply. You can also win a state with one song and be the finalists within that same state with another song at the same time. Should this occur then both songs will be sent out to our resources for further consideration.

Can I enter a song with vocals only (No Music)?

Will I get a record or publishing deal?
We can not guarantee that you will get a record or publishing deal. However, we do connect you with those individuals and organizations who can make this happen. The “Winners” and “Finalists” will have their material forwarded on for further consideration.

How long can a song be?
You can enter a song at any length into the competition. There are no time restrictions.