Ajebutter 22, a stage name he claimed through rigour of hard-work was the only son to a family of five hails from Osun State, the western part of Nigeria.

Born Akitoye Balogun  on the 1st of June, 1991 in Surulere, Lagos was raised as the only son with four sisters. He had his secondary school education in the International School Lagos and went to England to study Petroleum Engineering in Leeds University, after which he went to Manchester for a Masters degree in Engineering Project Management.

Ajebutter 22 started out his musical career in 2009 alongside his sister Taymi B; the duo was called Soyinka’s Afro. He stepped into the limelight when he released the debut  recorded song 'Storybook girl' which got rave reviews online featuring Falz and Echo (bahdguys) it was premiered on Gidilounge music player.

From there the sky became the limit as their first mixtape 'Death of the Skip Button' in early 2010 featuring songs like London Girl to a Lagos Boy, Ko Easy and She wants more. The mixtape a success with about 5,000 downloads under the beautiful music platform with the production of David Evans and Pupper Master at Beautiful Music studios, Northampton , UK .From working with beautiful music Ajebutter's sound has since evolved from just rap verses with witty punchlines and word-play to making captivating hooks and well-rounded wholesome songs, rapping in English, Yoruba and Pidgin as well as mixing his own tracks in his home studio.

Ajebutter known to work with top producer Studio Magic  recently released their debut collaboration album on the Saturday 22nd February 2014, titled “Anytime Soon”and made history. In less than 24 hours the album became the number1 album on iTunes Nigeria knocking off internationally renowned artists like Beyonce, Jay Z and Drake.