Tanzanian singer Diamond Plantnumz, accuses Mr P of sleeping with his wife and making his marriage to crush.

Diamond Plantnumz revealed that Peter Okoye popularly known as mr p is having an affair with his wife as he said  “Mr P Slept With My Wife & Made My Marriage Crash, I Will Revenge”

Tanzanian singer; Diamond Plantnumz has accused former P-Square Co-member, Peter Okoye popularly known as Mr P of sleeping with his wife, Zaria.  In his interview with his radio station, Wasafi FM he said that Mr P caused his marriage with Zaria to crash through that act,

After making such bold declarations, Diamond’s Ex-wife (zaria) has taken to social media to expose the news, calling her ex-husband a pathological liar who once denied his own child.

She said; “I was about to sleep and people started sending me these voice notes about how Nasibo (Diamond Plantnumz) went to his radio tarnishing me, how i had a relationship with P-square, my personal trainer and all those things. And i’m just here thinking if you guys are gonna believe any words that come from a man like him, the same man who denied his own blood.

“If you all are gonna believe anything he says, and then you all are just stupid just like him.”

Mr P is a popular Nigerian singer married with two kids Cameron & Aliona.  For now he has not said anything concerning the accusation led on him by Diamond Plantnumz, we are still looking forward to his response.


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