“You Made Me The Best Husband” – Duncan Mighty & His Wife Celebrate Third Wedding Anniversary

 Yesterday was the third wedding anniversary of Nigerian Singer, Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu, aka Duncan Mighty and his wife.

The  singer took to Instagram to gush about his wife and mother of his two kids, Vivien saying;

‘when others were busy looking for 100% wife, I was only looking for who has no percentage but who can create 1% just because she’s got me…… Am so blessed to have u.. Is our 3rd Anniversary month….. #IFOUNDPEACEJOYLOVETHEDAYIMETYOU mama icon and michelle… you made me the best husband I am Today’.


In a recent interview, Duncan Mighty spoke of how people often link the source of his wealth to illegal activities like oil bunkering.


    “I have read in several places where people link my wealth to illegal activities like oil bunkering but I don’t feel bad about it. Such things are normal. Making money in life for me is not the ultimate thing. People would always judge how you make money especially when they know where you are coming from. They know that my family did not have money while I was growing up so they would question my wealth. When God blesses you, he does not look at where you are coming from. It is just a normal thing for people to talk about the way you made your money without talking about how you suffered,” he said.


Duncan Mighty further revealed that his major income comes from his other investments and not music;


    “It is good to make money. I am a very hard working man and aside music, I own and run a construction company. In each of my sites, I have at least 43 staff members who work as engineers. So, apart from music, I do civil engineering works. Despite the fact that I am an artiste, I am also an engineer. I make money from my works, I have done good jobs and people refer me to others that need my services. I lease heavy duty machines as well. I am not bragging but showing you how hard I work. Money does not make a man”.


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