“I Sing For Last Election No Mean Say I No Go Talk” – Olamide Criticizes APC Government

YBNL boss, Olamide who is known for his connection with the APC-led government, took to Twitter to criticize the government of the day. The singer disclosed his displeasure at the happenings in the country.

In his posts, Olamide stated that although he campaigned for them in the past, it does not mean he would remain silent about their failures.

He went on to highlight the failures of the government in the areas of budgeting, policy-making and implementation.


See his tweet below.

I sing for last election no mean say I no go talk when the people no de happy . Everyone is important and should be heard,this is democracy ji masun ??

— Olamide Adedeji (@olamide_YBNL) June 26, 2018

Olamide did not stop there, he went on to express his optimism about the future of the nation. He also proferred solutions to some of the pressing issues like the harassment of innocent Nigerians by Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) officers, the need for economic diversification and the corrupt practices involved in public project executions.

See tweets below.

Nigeria we can do better ?? I believe.

— Olamide Adedeji (@olamide_YBNL) June 26, 2018

And ah beg make dem educate the bad eggs for sars or make dem go de do farming.. we can’t rely on oil money only .

— Olamide Adedeji (@olamide_YBNL) June 26, 2018

If dem done release budget we want de get notification and who dem award the contract to so when dem no do d work we fit locate dem go house make turn de start like this . Make we de see road… no be so all d president wey done come n go mumu n wicked reach !

— Olamide Adedeji (@olamide_YBNL) June 26, 2018


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