Singer May D’s Babymama Explains The Reason Behind The Viral Video Where She Asked Their Son To Insult Him

NML reported that During father’s day celebration on Sunday, Nigerian singer, May D shared a disturbing video from three years ago showing his babymama teaching his son to call him bad names.

Since the video came online, many Nigerians have been against the babymama for teaching her son such insulting words.

In her defense, the babymama reacted by saying:

I have STRUGGLED to take care of my child for almost 6yrs now without the help of MAYD, or anybody… My son Doesn’t even know you.. We tried to reach out a couple of times but we never get any response, apart from you saying and I quote “ We will Suffer as long as u r alive’’ I can’t let my son Grow up in Domestic Violence.

Then she went on to share screenshots of chats and messages between them

See below;



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