Cynthia Morgan Finally Reveals Why She Left Jude Okoye’s Record Label, North Side Inc

Singer Cynthia Morgan who recently changed her stage name to Madrina has returned from a one-year break.

In a recent with NET TV, the singer revealed that she had parted ways with Jude Okoye’s record label -North Side Inc and has now continued her journey under a self-owned label

Cynthia also revealed that her contract with North Side expired last year, adding that though the label proposed to renew her deal, she declined because she wasn’t happy with the deal.

“My contract expired with North Side last year. They actually wanted me to resign, but it wasn’t a good deal”.

“I wasn’t happy with the deal, with the label – with everything. It was business for them, but for me, music is life. We have to be a family, but we weren’t that. I just thought it was time for me to be happy,” she narrated.



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