Blackface Reveals Who and What Caused The Breakup Of Plantashun Boiz


During a chat with Sunday scoop,  Blackface, former member of the defunct Plantashun Boiz( that comprised of himself, 2face and Faze) revealed some of the factors that led to the split of the group.

He said;

“Artistes are like footballers. If there is no love in a team, they cannot play together. Once you are in a group, you must consider the interest of everyone in it. But at some point, one of us was only interested in what he wanted for himself. He was responsible for the end of Plantashun Boiz because he was selfish.”

 That “one of us” Blackface referred to, has been presumed to be 2baba knowing how vocal Blackface has been about his “betrayal”.

Going further, Blackface said;

 “I don’t see us doing things together anymore and I have no regrets as life is a learning process. If you hear that we are coming back, it is just propaganda,” he said.


While admitting that being in a group brings quick success, he said it could also be very stressful. He added;

 “As a solo artiste, you make decisions for yourself. You do what suits you and you don’t have to worry about other group members. Though doing music with a group of people is okay, being a solo artiste is better. That way, you can control your music.”





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