Big Brother Naija: Khloe And K.Brulé Disqualified

On Sunday 18 February 2018, Team KSquare; Khloe and K Brule was disqualified from the Big Brother Naija house.

Their disqualification stems from their behavior on saturday night.

K.Brule called Khloe a ‘bastard’ and in response, Kloe called him a bastard and brand-named his mother a ‘hoe’. She also said horrible things about his father.

As we all know that if the team is issued 3 strikes, it will lead to their disqualification.

They were both issued a strike each including the strike from a couple of weeks ago making it a total of three strikes.

Khloe was issued a strike for verbally abusing her partner, while K Brule was issued a strike for attempting to assault housemates.

They have now left the Big Brother Naija house.

Watch the Video…


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