Davido will shortly start ‘Snubbing’ other musicians

Recently, Davido has opened up that he is working toward making his most impolite song ever. It seems he is getting ready to diss some Musician although he didn’t list anyone’s name, but one can easily know who he may be addressing in this song. Davido is an Artist who has been caught up in quite a number of wars with his fellow musician. The number of people he has beefed within the industry is quite long. Even though both Artists appear to be cool now, it isn’t the first time the two stars has undertake each other.

The only thing they have not done is to release songs openly targeted to each other but this is about to change. On the Instagram, Davido opened up that he currently made the most impolite song of his career. Also he said that anyone who hears his/her name should not get annoyed for the reason that it’s just Music. Although he didn’t mention someone’s name now, can you guess who he maybe attacking in that song?



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