Olamide act in response to the ban of his song – No purpose of promoting tobacco to kill(Harm) people

Few days ago, they have been news about some songs banned in Nigeria. Olamide’s new song ‘Wo’ happens to be among the songs that caught the Federal Government and Ministry of health’s attention. The Ministry of health revealed that Olamide’s ‘Wo’ that mentioned cigarettes break the Nigeria’s decree on tobacco Promotion, advertising and sponsorship.

They also said that the Video encourages a hazardous habit that support cast-off/second-hand smoking which its consequences include: Cardiovascular diseases, Respiratory diseases and Cancers.

Few hours ago Olamide came out to deflate the supposition that he was supporting tobacco by saying on Twitter: “No intentions of promoting tobacco to get people killed, I love my people, I love my country, one love, one Nigeria #ClearTheAirOyaWo!”  From the 3 Artist whose songs, He happens to be the first to say something about the banned songs.


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