Again! Hushpuppi Slams Phyno & KCee Again Over Use Of Fake Designer Items

Popular internet personality,  Hushpuppi is back again.This time around he has re-ignite his beef with popular musicians Phyno and Kcee.

The Dubai based personality took to his Instagram page to state how he was attacked for telling people to stop buying fake Jewelries. He went further to explain that a large number of people who follow him are hypocrites.

Recall that he had been involved in an online scuffle with the artistes in 2017 when he alleged that they wore fake jewelry

See his post below…

“Yesterday I learnt something, I learnt sometimes when I put out a message and people react to it negatively, it doesn’t mean the message I was passing is wrong, it doesn’t mean I passed it wrongly, it’s just unfortunate that “my people”, who I am passing the message across to are bunch of hypocrites.

Because around 6months ago when I passed the same message about not patronizing fakes if you don’t want your own craft to be pirated too, the whole nigeria came against me, one singer with bad hair line who is a lover of patronizing fake watches, clothes n shoes even suggested I should be investigated loool.

Another one jumped in the studio to make a diss track to telli person to stop wearing gucci which is a good thing lol, another artist jumped in my dm to send me death threats in the name of cultism (which I filed a complaint to the police and some necessary ears that are good at taking revenges just incase, already) lol.

Just because I said what was obviously TRUE and now they are all silent as if they didn’t see the same topic trending , anyways fast forward to yesterday, the same message was flying around this time from a different mouth, and Nigerians be like, true talk, that’s right, they should stop buying fakes and many support the motion and I took time to read several comments and I was amazed when I saw some popular IG figure bashing artists and was against the same thing they supporting just 6months ago, I was shaking my head.

This has rebuilt my confidence, to never mind the reaction of people either good or bad, if I know what I’m doing or saying is right, I will never be scared to pass it on, who wants to take it should take it and who doesn’t should leave it but I won’t be silent no more because of y’all hypocrisy.”


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