Tecno’s poor performance in Nairobi put his fans in sad mood.

The show titled “The Wave of Tecno Miles” was held on Saturday 9th September 2017. Kenyans who attended the show were put in a very sad mood.


The fans who attended the show says that the organization of the show was very lowly and after waiting for Tecno to come, he added more sadness to them by performing badly on stage that night.

One of those who usually attend shows wrote down many things about Tecno’s performance. She called his performance a joke.

On her website (Mwendengao.com) she wrote:

“After what seemed like forever, the man of the hour got on stage. It was 3am and my friends and I were finally ready to have a good time. He started off well with one of my favourite jams, ‘Be’ followed by another favourite, ‘Samantha’. I was impressed because he had a live band and I was finally enjoying myself thinking this would perhaps make up for the unpleasant happenings of the night. Suddenly, the band stopped playing and this happened a couple of times. He started using playback but this does not fix the situation as in the middle of ‘Pana’, the DJ (Crème) messed things up and Tekno stopped the song. The crowd started to boo because of all the interruptions.

“He performed ‘Duro’, ‘Diana’, ‘Wash’, ‘Yawa’, ‘Go’ and ‘Rara’ but it was all hurried. Tekno was visibly frustrated and it was sad to watch as his stage presence was great and so were his moves but it simply wasn’t enough to give a good show. I would have preferred he didn’t use the band if he hadn’t had enough rehearsal time with them. The sound was awful and there were times the band was louder than him. After a confused 28 minutes of a performance, he left the stage.

“I have never seen such a sad crowd at a concert before. Everyone looked like they’d just come from a funeral and the place immediately started to empty out. This is the most ridiculous thing though; Prezzo got on stage after Tekno. First, I did not know that guy still makes music. Second, these organizers have opened a new level in the worst concert ever universe.”

The DJ of the night also blamed Tekno for getting things wrong. He (Known as Creme De La Crème), spoke up saying that as Tekno didn’t attend the rehearsals and that led to a failure.

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