Ups and downs of Flavour and Anna Banner’s love relationship

On our previous post, Anna banner has calmed the romours that says that she got pregnant for Flavour because she wanted to be with a celebrity and to hook him up. Today we have dig deep to bring to you here, the ups and downs of their love affair.

September 2014- News about Anna Banner having something romantic with Flavour was spread. An evidence of such romour was when the picture of those two hugging each other in a video shoot came out. The former beauty queen posted romantic photo of herself and Flavour this month. On her Instagram page, she posted a photo of a tattooed Flavour in a swimming pool, she captioned it: ‘My Boo…

October 2014– Anna Banner’s love affair with Flavour was confirmed


December 2014– In Flavour’s music video ‘Gollibe’, Anna Banner performs as Flavour’s love interest


January 2015– The news about Anna Banner being pregnant for Flavour was spread.


February 2015– A picture of Flavour kissing his first baby mama with eye brows raised was spread.


March 2015 – In an interview, Flavour declares that he is single and searching.


March 2015- Because of her pregnancy, Anna Banner leaves Dubai university.


May 2015- For the first time, Anna Banner is seen with her baby bump.


August 2015- Flavour and Anna welcome first child together in the United States though they didn’t spread the news.


November 2015- Flavour didn’t attend his baby’s dedication.


January 2016- Flavour appeared on the second baby dedication of his daughter with Anna Banner.


June 2016- Anna Banner drops bombshell, ends relationship with Flavour


June 2016- On Flavour’s Instagram, Anna throws a mysterious shot.


August 2017- Anna Banner declares her love for Flavour.

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