Olamide says “students shouldn’t have to drop out of school to make it in life”

The Nigerian musician Olamide has spoken out, after seeing many students drop out of school with intention that dropping out of school is a guaranteed way to succeed.

He said though he succeeded after dropping out of school, is not a guarantee that all who decide to drop out will be as lucky as he is. He added that students do not have to drop out of school in order to be successful.

He said “I was lucky to achieve my dreams despite dropping out of school. I left the university because my parents were not able to pay my tuition fees; as such, leaving school wasn’t of my own making. If there was money, I definitely would have remained in school.

He added “You don’t have to drop out of school to fulfill your dreams. However, if due to one reason or the other, you are unable to complete your education, you should also know that you can still succeed regardless,”

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